Turning Archive 2005

Tomorrow: Balto Turner's club 1st meeting

Mike Schwing from Md.

Thanks for your interest in the Baltimore Woodturner's Club.

We will be having our initial meeting on Wednesday, January 12th at 7pm. The meeting, and all others, will be held at the Towson, Md. Woodcraft store (directions below). They have ample space, plenty of lathes, and stuff to buy as well.

Hopefully we will be able to meet monthly, depending on interest. Woodcraft has agreed to let us meet there as often as we wish.

For the first meeting, we will be simply meeting each other, talking about goals, meeting times, etc., and discussing AAW affiliation. Maybe we'll turn something. Please bring some of your work to share. I will be providing a gorgeous blank of maple burl as a door prize and we'll pick names out of a hat to find a winner.

The first "real", advertised meeting will be in February. We will have at least one demo - understanding, sharpening, and using the Ellsworth signature gouge.

Directions to the Woodcraft store can be found at their website www.woodcraft.com


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