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Lathe stands...*PIX*...>>

>..>> The subject was brought up below about a stand for the Jet lathe. The Vicmarc VL100 is similar so I thought I'd post this if it's a help to anyone. I know almost zero about flatwork except for using plywood and screws. This setup evolved over about a year. I use this for demonstrations and it is portable and on wheels. The latest addition is the PVC 'holsters' for the tools. It's extremely handy and they act as a bumper gaurd when I load the setup into my trailer.

Here's Vicky in the beginning. A salvaged desk top and saw horse.

This is a current picture. This is just back from a demo so it's clean. Picture taken for posterity. =o)

Here's a close up of the 'holsters' I have seen something like this posted around here so if it was your idea, stand up and take credit. The tools are color coded for easy access. I have extended the tailstock lock with a cocobolo handle as I have problems with my arm and tightening it so this way I get leverage.

My other two lathes in the stable is Vick, my Vicmarc VL300 short with 1 meter extention, and my newest addition, Bonnie, a Bonnie Klein lathe for doing demos and don't have to move Vicky who's at least 110 pounds

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