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Thanks Ellis - photo size limit increase *LINK*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>All, we have a VERY response webmaster/owner here. Ellis and I had a discussion this morning about the value of uploaded photos that are restricted to 40K and he has agreed to modify the size limit restriction to double, or 80K.

This shouldn't be taken as an invitation to get lazy with photo editing, as if we take up too much space the number will probably be brought back down. Rather, it will allow for us to compose photos that much more truly depict what we are trying to show, and offer up a better view of our work when it is critique we desire. It should also help some of you who are having trouble squeezing your photos down to 40K.

For anyone wondering how I (and many others) edit our photos, I wrote a little tutorial a few months back. It is linked below.

Thanks again boss!

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