Turning Archive 2005

Ambrosia maple vase *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>This is an ambrosia maple vase, turned end grain. It is about 11" tall and I would very much appreciate your input on the form. I don't make things in this shape very often, (maybe never) and it was a design on the fly. Since they rarely work out well, I offer this up as a critique. What I like about it is as follows: I like the profile of the main vase very much. I like the little reverse curve at the top and the flow down to the base. I tried to give the top of the pedestal a complementary profile to the bottom of the vase starting at the shoulder and then taking it into the cove near the narrowest part of the pedestal. It looks pretty nice in real life but it lacks a WOW factor normally found in ambrosia maple. It is finished with a high sheen lacquer. The bottom appears darker because it is composed of heartwood. The pith runs right down the center of this.

Thanks for your input in advance. Do what you wish, I won't take it personally.

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