Turning Archive 2005

Inspired by Andi Wolfe

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>As I have told you all before, last Spring, I was fortunate enough to host Andi Wolfe at my home for a demo for our club. At the demo, both my wife, and to a lesser extent, my son (now 14) attended.

Both were very interested in Andi's pyrography work. My wife played around with it after I got my woodburner, which to this point, I only use to sign my name on the bottom of bowl. A little over a month ago, I posted a picture of a Vessel that I turned out of 2x4 material, that my wife then burned a Celtic design around, and then I tinted. She donated it to her women's club silent auction, and got several hundred dollars for it.

Here is some work that she did this weekend on some wooden spoons (purchased). The leave are quite detailed, though the pictures do not show it.

Of course once the woodburner is out on the kitchen table, my son cannot not use it.

Thanks Andi for the inspiration.


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