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Product Review - Oneway RFI Filter

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>About a month ago on this forum, W.C. Turner brought up the subject of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from DC Motors. Most of the lathes using electronicly variable speed, us DC motors. The motors emit radio waves that can interfere with AM radio, T.V. and some other broadcast receivers.

My big complaint is that when I am in the shop, I mostly listen to AM talk radio. When the lathe is running, it produces static to the extent that you cannot here the broadcast. So I turn to Classic Rock FM or put on a CD. Alright, but not my preferred listening.

In the thread the W.C. started, someone mentioned that Oneway makes a RFI filter. I called them, made sure that it would work with my Vega 2400. They assured me that it would work with any motor - 110v-240v. So I ordered their RFI Filter, part number 2748. The cost was approximately $50 USD. It arrived the day before Christmas, but I did not get around to installing it until today.

The instructions that come with it are specific to the Oneway Lathes (using the power contactor block on the lathe). Installing it on my Vega was only a little harder. In the simplest terms, you are insterting the RFI Filter in the middle of the black and white wires of your power cable - power (Line/Supply) coming in one side of the filter, and going out the other side to the Load (controller/motor). I did so by; Unplug the lathe from power; removing the insulation from about 6" of my power cable, leaving the ground cable intact I cut the black and the white wires; I installed prong connectors on all cut ends; I then screws the prongs onto their respective terminals on the RFI filter. At this point it is a matter of making it pretty. In the case of my lathe, I attached the RFI Filter to thick block of wood, fastened the wires down with cable clamps so that I could not accidentally pull the wires off the filter. I then bolted the block to the inside of the lathe base.

In action: THIS THING IS FANTASTIC!! Once installed, when on, there is ZERO interference.

If you are having problems listening to AM radio, or you have family or neighbors complaining about interference from you lathe, this is the ticket.

It is available installed as an option when you buy Oneway lathes.

I want to that Oneway Customer Support Rep Kevin for his timely responses to my Emails and phone cards.


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