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Hard Drive Crash!

Ron in Drums PA
>Yesterday morning my hard drive took a dive and came up DOA.

Luckily I invested in a Maxtor 250 gig USB external harddrive. I do a complete harddrive back up twice weekly with Norton's Ghost and keep the drive at home. Last night ran to Staples and picked up a new 160 gig harddrive, installed it and set the software in motion to do a full system restore. When I came in this morning I just rebooted and I was back up and running, exactly like I was before the crash.

The drive and software cost about $250. But the cost and headache from the time involved installing all the software from scratch, not to mention the disaster it could have been from all the lost and irreplaceable customer files, I considered this cheap insurance that paid off.

At the very least, back up of your most precious files!

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