Turning Archive 2005

PSI Utility Chucks

Kurt Aebi
>Just a quick note to help get a decent discount on a utility chuck.

Penn State Ind. has discontinued their Utility 4-Jay Chuck Item# C3418 and have replace it with one that comes with (2) sets of jaws and is listed on the back page of the new catalog and lists for $79.95 Item # CUG3418

If you call and attempt to order the discontinued Item # C3418, they will offer you the new Item # CUG3418 for $59.95 ($20 off). (It can be used with either 3/4"-16 or 1"-8 spindles)

Thought I'd let you guys know about this "secret" special offer on a cheap chuck.

I do not work for this company, just thought I'd pass on some discount info. for y'all!

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