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Walnut Burl Natural Edge *PIC*

Ben Aragon
>This is the last of four bowls I posted this week. This last year and a half have been some of the most enjoyable time Iíve had woodworking. These last four bowls were done between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had a break through in my turning at this time, Iím not sure why or what happened. So far none of what Iíve done is original, seems like every time I have an idea its been done a hundred times. For now I will copy what I see and develop skills, right now I am very slow and not very proficient.

Iím sure being a hobby furniture maker these last 15 years helped me. Right now I donít want to build furniture, all I want to do is turn. I have really cot the bug. A friend and fellow turner warned me this might happen. My only save is I have filled my home with furniture for my wife and we have no more room. Iím sure this is a common progression also. Iíll have to wait until my children start their own homes and help them.

I really canít tell you how much I enjoy the free exchange of information I see in wood turners, unlike any other field of woodworking Iíve been associated with. If I can help anyone please email me.

I need to stop rambling now.

This piece is a walnut burl with a natural edge 5x7x1/4Ē thick. So far this has been the most challenging piece Iíve turned. I wish I had taken a picture of the burl. It was given to me and was over 20 years old with 20 years of garage grime on it. It had some rot and bark inclusion.

Comments welcome.

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