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New drying method (uh oh)...

>...After reading the thread below about storing wood vertically to speed drying, and thinking about other methods, I,ve been thinking...uh oh, dangerous already...

I believe I have come up with the ultimate wood drying method..."Bubbabob's Ultimate, Everything But the Kitchen Sink Bowl Drying Method"...please note that there is no long term testing of this method (short term either)...in fact I've not tried it on even one bowl, and there are no warranties, express or implied, as to it's effectiveness (there, that oughtta keep the sharks...er, lawyers, off my butt).

First you green turn a bowl, either to finished thickness, 10% of bowl diameter, or anything in between you choose. Next soak the bowl in denatured alcohol, moonshine, or Jack Daniels for between 10 seconds and 24 hours. This soak is to be followed by a soaking in liquid soap, and then immediately microwaved for 10 minutes per gram of weight. Then coat the bowl with Anchorseal, or wax, or diesel oil, again your choice. You may either coat the whole thing or just the end grain. Then wrap the bowl in brown kraft paper, covering anywhere from just the outside to all of it, and set it on the shelf, but stand it vertically, not horozontally.

I figger that sucker oughtta be dry in about ten seconds flat...just ignore the year and a half of prep time getting it ready to set on the shelf.

Sitting in my bibs awaiting the adulation of the turning world.

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