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Binge Cherry w Turquoise inlay *PIC*

Ben Aragon
>Yet another piece I turned. This hollow form is Binge Cherry with turquoise inlay. The wood I got from a friend who’s tree died. I have been trying to turn a bowl with the pith of the bowl at the apex of the side. I was also trying to get the pith of the log centered on the piece so that the grain would be as symmetrical as I could get it on the top. All of the bowls I tried this on cracked badly. All were Binge Cherry, maybe not such a good species to try this on. This one I rough turned it and then boiled it for 2 hours and died it according to the boiling protocol. This piece had only one crack when finished, it may have been in the log all along and unnoticeable. I decided to fill the crack with some turquoise I had and crushed. I added two inlay rings of turquoise to the top to complement the cracks on the sides. This piece is 6x4x1/4” thick. All comments are welcome.

I am reluctant to comment on other people’s work I have seen on this website or at my local club. Being a new bowl turner I don’t feel quite qualified to make an educated statement. I see a lot of beautiful artwork on this site that I really like. Most of the time I think WOW how did He or She do that.

I would like to thank all of you that have looked and especially those that have made comments. Thank you all.

Best Wishes,

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