Turning Archive 2005

Nova 3000 Saga

Jorge Castaneda ~ Downeast Maine
>After much asking and hearing good things about the Nova 3000, a month ago the familiy gave me their blessing, so I went ahead and ordered it from Woodcraft, I was told they had it on stock and will ship same day; It took a couple weeks to come and the excitement was very short lived when opening the box and realizing that a whole bunch of stuff was missing, so I got to the phone and explained what was missing and they say it would go out right away, some 10 days later, I got a box, so I started to assemble the machine to find out that some stuff was still not here, so back to the phone, more reassurance etc.
Today I got the parts, finally everything is here and when trying to assemble the pulley to the motor, I noticed the keyway was cut very sloppy and the set screw that holds the pulley to the motor shaft does not want to go in.
So I still do not have a working lathe.
Have any of you had this kind of trouble?
If so, how it was resolved?. Thanks
A very dissapointed hombre in Stonington.

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