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General 160 spindle problem

Darrell in Oakville
>Rats. I *thought* I had posted this to the Turning forum, and it went into Messages instead. So here is a repeat. Sorry about that...

Howdy folks,

I'm an occasional poster on the handtools forum, but now I have a problem with my lathe, so I'm looking here for some help...

I have a General 160 with the variable speed on it. The belt needs changing. And I cannot get the spindle out of the headstock. I have the manual, and I've done what I was supposed to do, remove the bearing covers, remove the outboard nut, remove the pulley set screw, and try to tap the spindle out. but those sleeves on the spindle are stuck. I've tapped and tapped, applied penetrating oil and tapped and tapped, many times a day over the last 4 days. Nothing moves. I guess the propane torch is next, along with more tapping (but without spraying more highly flammable penetrating oil around ;^)

If this fails and I cannot get the spindle out, can I try a link belt? Or will that weird variable speed pully arrangement eat the link belt? Has anyone tried a link belt on one of these pulley systems?

As far as I can tell the headstock bearings are OK, no play or noise from them.


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