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Not a turning but I need to brag * Pics

>Well it's done. After a few weeks of deliberation cutting mortises with a chisel and guide block, gluing, clamping, scraping and sanding it's together and finished. Here are some photos of the table I made for my girlfriend's xmas gift. It's a little late, but I'm sure she'll like it. This is my first flat work besides cutting boards, so I'm quite happy with it LOL.

Some personal issues... I got sloppy with prep work. After 6 coats of varnish I had some bubbles which I went after way too agressively with 150 grit on a random orbit sander. I should have sanded the sanding marks out and I take it home and do that. The only problem is that will require sanding away multiple layers of varnish. So I may just leave them until I get bored and decide to refinish.

How many Figure 8's are you supposed to use to attach a table top? Do you put them on both the long and short ends of the apron??

Time to pack the car and head off to New Jersey in the blizzard.
PS Mike I'll be down in MD this Saturday and Sunday morning as well.

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Not a turning but I need to brag * Pics
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