Turning Archive 2005

No Standards

>Several threads now and recently cause me to make a statement. There are many ways that we turners can go with our work: segmented, carved, pierced, painted, stained, modern, Southwest,; you name it. All these are perfectly fine examples of turned art. Each of us decides where we fit in and which talents we have to excel in the area we choose. Keith hit on it.....the word is excel. We choose the area and we strive to do it right! We run the risk of painting ourselves into a corner however. For years I have told my customers that I do not stain anything....all my work is natural; I have also told them that everything I make is from one piece of wood. Now I am stuck with that. I have painted myself into a corner. This isn't necessarily bad. What is wrong with being known for a certain style of work? If we try to do all types of turning we will never excel at any. But once we have mastered a style we should take on another. We should not experiment with every piece but we should experiment occasionally. I think 10% is a good ratio. 90% of your work should be in areas that you have confidence....10% should be trial balloons. This has workded for me.

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