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Art turning....bit long

Keith Tompkins
>The posts about CNC equipment and hollowing rigs have also included references to "art" turning.

After all, when does a turning become a carving or sculpture...and no longer a turning? Does it really matter?

And, we have all noticed that the artsy pieces seem to get all the attention in the instant gallery critiques....and stunning bowls and hollow forms are ignored.

After thinking about it for a couple of days, here's my input. To me here is the most important thing.

After completing a piece, whether carved, burned, segmented, free-hand or turned with the aid of a hollowing lazer rig (you get the idea) ask yourself...Is this the BEST I can do?

Many people show me pieces they have made, and ask for my opinion. They often say " I know there are some sanding marks, I know the bottom is too big , too heavy, I know the form needs improving, etc. They really don't need MY critique, they just did their own! All I can ask is if you want to improve, then why don't you correct the problems you KNOW exist?

What I'm trying to say is HOW a piece is made isn't the goal...the final result is what counts. It amazes me that some people KNOW they are capable of better work, yet don't take the time to improve; piece after piece will show the same problems. All the fancy equipment in the world will not change attitudes about quality.

As far as art turning....Make what is in your heart..if you have God-given talent, whether it's carving, painting,etc.. use it. Why not put something of your self, and your abilities into every piece you produce? Producing a masterpiece doesn't happen by accident...it takes practice, and a constant striving to improve...and a little bit of yourself.

The only cheating is when someone settles for something when they know they are capable of better....they are cheating themselves.

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