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Great Deal: Flat Rate Priority Mail with USPS

Brad Vietje
>As you may have seen on other turning groups, the United States Postal Service is now offering flat rate priority mail at $ 7.70 for any weight up to 70 lbs., with some dimensional limits.

They offer two boxes that are 11"x8.5"x5.5" and 14"x12"x3.5". Anything up to 70 lbs. that will fit into these boxes without bulging the sides is fair game at $ 7.70 anywhere in the USA. Another option is any box that measures no more than 108" in length and distance around the widest part combined.

This is a great deal for anyone who wants to swap small and medium sized chunks of wood from around the country. This doesn't help out our friends outside the USA, but makes it truly affordable to trade or swap woods. Details are found at www.usps.com

Should we start a wood swapping group ? A few days ago Carol in Virginia lamented that she wanted to try making small bowls, but had no green practice wood available... now we can all send her a gift !

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Thetford, VT

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