Turning Archive 2005

Cheating?... *PIC*

Wally Dickerman at Green Valley, Az.
>A couple of days ago, a post was made on using a lazer in hollowform turning. A number of replies in the thread implied that using a lazer is cheating. I don't use a lazer in my turning, and I doubt that I will. I don't, however, think that using one is cheating. In my many years of turning there have many new innovations that make turning easier and better. The bowl gouge, hollowing tools, scroll chucks, power carvers, swiveling and/or sliding headstocks, and many more. None of these existed before about 1980. Is using this equipment cheating?

The photo was shot at the instant gallery at Provo last summer. It is some of the wonderful work of Stuart Mortimer. I've watched Stuart turn pieces like the center one. He turns the outside, hollows it, then uses a power carver to do much of the spiral work. Is this cheating? In my opinion it is not!

What do you think?


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