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Honey Locust and Ebony hollow form *PIC*

>Hi everyone,

This is my first picture upload. Iíve been bowl turning for about a year and a half now. I canít tell you how valuable this website has been. Iíve been a hobby furniture maker for the last 15 years and love working with wood but lately all I want to do is make things round. I bought the scorpion hollowing system from info I read here and I really like it. Here is my first hollow form. I had it almost complete when I got a catch and broke open the mouth of the bowl, I filled it with a piece of ebony. The vessel is Honey Locust and had a small burl on it. It is 7x5x1/4 thick. I got a digital camera from Mrs. Claus and have been taking pictures of the work Iíve done over the last year. I learned how to setup and take pictures of my work on this website. I have never seen woodworkers more willing to share knowledge as woodturners. I join my local woodturning club and have never met a more likeable group of men and women. All comments are welcome.

Best Wishes,

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