Turning Archive 2005

the angst of being a law abiding citizen...

Andy in Raleigh
>I took the kids for a bike ride yesterday on a bike path at the edge of a nature preserve (for Mike Rubes or others nearby and curious, I am talking about the path between Lochmere and Regency Park). They leave the fallen timber, only cutting it when it crosses the path. They had cut a few a little while back that looked like they were very nicely spalted but not yet rotten (there is a lot of rotten wood also). There is a big burl on an uncut deadfall back off the trail also. In the back of my mind, I couldn't help thinking that after the ride, I could be back over here in 5 minutes with a hand truck. I already had my trailer on to carry the bikes. But no, I am a law abiding citizen and must let them rot to feed those worms...

On the bright side, the weather was fabulous for early January. Kids were wearing T shirst both days.


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