Turning Archive 2005

Little gloat

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Kind of exciting. I married into a family with a lovely summer home in Rockland, Maine. Who knew that there was such as well esteemed woodworking school in the same town? I've known for a few years but now they're doing turning, too. There is also some world class striper fishing up there in the summer months.

If I recall correctly, one of our WC'rs is teaching, or has taught there.

This morning I sent in my registration to take Jacques Vessery's course "Turning, A Canvas of Good Form"

August 22 26

From the website: This investigation of the marriage between form and surface is for experienced turners who want to strengthen their creative and technical skills. Jacques guides participants to experiment with design elements such as proportion, scale, volume, texture, and color to explore the potential of the turned object as a canvas for surface enhancement.

Technical instruction covers use of the bowl gouge, hollowing, and sharpening, as well as carving and texturing processes using rotary carving, reciprocating carving, and burning tools. Jacques also shares his methods for coloring and finishing, including work with gold leaf and the use of acrylics to complement textured surfaces."

Should be a great summer trip to Maine! A week of turning with one of the best, a guided trip on a productive river, and lots of lobster. Maine gets better every year.

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