Turning Archive 2005


Stan Campbell
>This weekend I bought a 5/4 Eucalyptus board at my local woodcraft. I wanted to make a pen holder like I saw a few others make. But, first I thought I would make a small platter (my first) about 8 inches across. Everything went fine, I had a decent shape and had gotten a pretty uniform thickness of about 3/16" and THEN I went to take it off my taped block (Turners Tape), I tapped it with the heel of my hand..... I quickly realized I had made a bad mistake, actually 2 mistakes.... and 2 lessons learned the way I see it.
First lesson:
Look at which way the grain runs before applying lesson number 2
Second lesson:
Never, Never hit to remove turned object from Tape block, pull gently and continnually.
I am hoping the super glue I applied last night will hold and that I can get it back on the lathe to resand to remove the leftover glue. I will try and use the tape block and a rubber piece on the tailstock.


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