Turning Archive 2005

Alcohol drying - - wrapping sequence

Pete LaBelle
>Guys -

Have been turning bowls now for a couple months and have tried the alcohol drying process, as I don't have the patience to wait several months to air dry. 50% failure rate thus far (only tried it on 2 bowls and one cracked.....don't ya just love statistics? ). Think I am doing the soaking right at 3-24 hours, but the wrapping of the outside with paper I need clarification on. Wrapped tight? Loose? Where on a bowl does the wrapping stop? At the lip, over the lip? Have heard grocery bags being used. Can I assume most any paper would work? Have been working with cherry. Bowls have been in the 8-12" range and are about 3/4" thick.

Your assistance is appreciated. Turned a couple really nice cherry bowls this afternoon and don't want to lose them. They're burried in "noodles" till I decide what I'm going to do.


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