Turning Archive 2005

My very first "Turning" *PIC*

Jerry Hall
>This was NOT the "Turning" I had in mind tho, last September when my mustard beauty, my first lathe, arrived, and it only had to be removed from the pallet. Seemed like a straightforward task.

Enough time has passed, with no harm done, except for a yellow dig in my shop floor, that I can now smile, if a bit weakly.

Here is the sad story: I levered the beast up a bit with a 2x4, and with my wife's help blocked it up inch by inch, until I could remove the pallet. No problems, except for my wife abandoning the job because I firmly stated "I know what I am doing" and further ignored her warnings of impending DOOOOOM.

My neighbor assisted from that point on. The pallet was removed easily, and one by one we levered and removed the blocks. Except when I moved the lever over a bit to free up a block...... The rest is history. The sturdy arm for the 3520a safety shield saved the day, and "shileded" the control box. Guess who isn't smiling in the photo below.

Next day some more buddies came over and we combined five different ideas, and got the sucker up. I asked them to leave while I wired it up. I couldn't bear any company to enjoy the sad sounds I anticipated when I turned it on. Instead, upon powering up, there was a cry, heard around the neighborhood: "Thank you GOD!" It was smooooth. And my turnings now please me.

I love my 3520a, and the incredible resources and help of this group. I am a serious (amateur) furniture builder but have done nothing but turn since September. Turning is an amazing process. The discoveries are endless. The wood is FREE. After all these years of messing with wood I can see the root cause of your addiction.

I also have newfound respect for the ancient woodworkers maxim implied by the acronym: SWMBO

Regards to all, Jerry Hall

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