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Garrett in Victoria
>Happy 2005, Everyone

I think I mentioned last autumn that I sold my General 26020 because it was too big for my small shop (in which I concentrate mostly on cabinet work). However, I soon missed having a lathe and thought about buying something in the mini-midi range. After almost committing to the little Jet that everyone here loves so much, a sale at KMS Tools in Vancouver BC tipped the balance in favour of a Teknatool DVR 3000 complete with the Super Nova Chuck 2. Although the cost was about 3 times the Jet's, I'm glad I spent the extra.

Here's the first product off the DVR, a save from an earlier unsuccessful attempt. Out of an awkward piece of yellow cedar - the burl is fragile and contained enough solid wood to make the transitions challenging - it's 12" diameter by 4" high finished with 3 coats of BLO. Yellow cedar is a pleasure to work other than the overwhelmingly pungent odour.

I intend to do a review on the lathe, but having used a swivelling headstock for the first time - only 15 for this one - I have to say it is a real convenience I wouldn't want to be without now that I've experienced it.

Cheers, Garrett

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