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Juried shows ?? redux

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I posted this question on the message board a few days ago. I thought I might get some more input here on the turning forum.

I received an invitation to participate in a juried woodturning show. First I would like to know if these people have any idea who I am or if they just used the shotgun method to find turners.

Does anyone know what method is usually used to invite people to a juried exhibit?

The only woodworking organization I belong to is the AAW which I joined a year ago. I suspect that is how I got on the list.

They request 35mm slides be submitted. I no longer have a working 35mm camera. I received some good information on how to make 35mm slides from the post on the message board.

Dave Smith

Sandy has been jurying my work for years in Longview, WA.

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