Turning Archive 2005

Spoiled a new turner today

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Rob Bourgeous, a frequenter here. Rob got in contact with me yesterday, he was in town visiting in-laws. We'd only met through this and another website, but as I've yet to meet a turner who wasn't a stand up person, I had him over as he asked for a lesson on the Ellsworth gouge. We gave his out of the bag Ellsworth a proper sharpening, and turned a nice little maple bowl, demonstrating to Rob all the cool things his new gouge can do. Rob catches on quick.

He's been properly spoiled now with exposure to a Powermatic and a Tormek. I did my job!

Sent him back down south with a trunk full of lumber, some shavings in his hair and hopefully a lot of knowledge I wish I could have been shown a short while back.

Was a pleasure to have ya over Rob.

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