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Nova 3000 Lathe for Sale

Rudolf Vey
>I have posted this on the classifieds board, and now here for the turners.

I have for sale a Nova 3000 lathe (non-VS version)
The lathe was bought in April 2002 and was hardly used at all (I guess maybe 20-30 hours at most). It is in mint condition, it is a great lathe and I turned some nice bowls with it.
The swing is 16 inches, speeds are:

The head can be swivelled for larger turnings, like platters or so, a special outboard attachment is available. More specific info can be found on the Woodcraft website.
The lathe comes with the following extras:
* 3" Stainless Steel Oneway faceplate
* curved bowl rest (Woodcraft system)
* hand wheel (yes, Novas come without one)
* spare belt
* short tool rest
* Super Nova chuck, with the proper insert for the lathe

This came with the lathe when I bought it: knock-out bar, live and drive center, face plate.

I want for everything above $ 700 (I think this is a very fair price considered the condition and that I spend about $ 1400 when I bought all of this). If someone is very interested but limited in his funds, I would sell as low as $550, but then I keep the chuck and the two extra tool rests.
My preference is a pick-up here at my house (SE
Michigan) if not too far, I could deliver; shipping might be too expensive due to size and weight.

Please contact me either with e-mail (rwvey@comcast.net) or call me at (734) 250 3815

Pictures are available per request, too big for here.


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