Turning Archive 2005

I drove 150 miles for a drill bit!

Robert Cox
>A long day. By the time it was done i had driven well over 150 miles with the main object being a drill bit!

I bought a grab bag of pen blanks, a mandrel, and some pen kits at the Greensboro, NC Woodcraft while I was nearby for Christmas.

But they were out of 7 mm drill bits!

I didn't think twice until last night. I measured everything I had. No dice.

I checked every nearby store, nope.

I headed north toward Baltimore. Hoping Harbor Freight (I know, I'm desperate) would have something. Nope.

So across Baltimore at 5 pm to Woodcraft. I can't remember the exit! Call home, my wife chacks and tells me Exit 169. I'm at 26!

Opps, she looked at the wrong store. Turns out I needed Exit 29A.

Got there, got my pen bit, a couple of more kits, some BriWax and sanding advice.

Home by 9:00. Fed the boys on the road and made steaks for LOML and I.

Then to the garage. First, some scrap maple. Opps, the glue didn't hold. Mist accelerant in the wood and redo. Sanding the ends on my table saw sanding disk. OK, I can do this.

Then some ebony from the grab bag. A little trouble drilling. No biggie. A mist of accelant and off I go.

Roughing gouge al the way. Sanded from 180 to 1000. Some BriWax and it is looking not bad for a first pen.

A little bit of uneveness.

Assembled using a wood block and a metal dowell in my drill press.

It feels so good!

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