Turning Archive 2004

lathe height

>I have a rather urgent question...I got a new Jet 1014 for Christmas and I am wanting to mount it on a bench that I will have to cut down. I'm half way into the modification of this bench and stuck...

I stand 5 foot 6", maybe 7". How high off the floor should the center of the spindle be? I realize that there may be some difference of opinion on this but I've always heard that you should be able to stand with the arms bent at a 90 degree angle and the gouge resting easily on the tool rest. That looks to be about 39" for me. But I see Vicmarcs, for instance, that are set (with no apparent adjustment) so that the center of the spindle is at 47" from the floor. Who are they making the Vicmarcs for? Or am I approaching this bass-ackward?

I'd appreciate some guidance here..once I cut this bench down it's set in stone and if I'm badly off, I lose the bench and have to buy a stand. I don't mind buying a stand, I just hate to lose the storage.

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