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Photography Q's *PIC*

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I'm trying to get set up for shooting my own bowls and vases, and I need some help deciding about a camera, etc. I want to get set up to do this profesionally, because I think I can learn wahtever I need to to do this myself, rather than farm out this part of my work.

I've got an average Kodak DX3900 digital camera, that shoots passable shots - and maybe I just need help tweaking with it, but I'd like to spend whatever I need too, to get the right tool for the job (and maybe my setup is what needs money?) I'm using a peice of milk colored plexi-glass about five feet long and three feet wide, draped in a smooth curve over a wooden frame. Then I'm using three tungsten bulbs in those wide alumminum fixtures.

I see the new 6 meg. cameras with much better lenses than what I've got, the SLR digital cameras that start at $800 and go up fast. And then there are the slide film cameras that don't cost too much - $200-300 on Ebay - but with a slide film camera I would need a slide scanner, and cheap ones are about $300 bucks. Just about everything I want photos of my work for, is for the web, and computer use. Although, I do want hard copies to keep a record in a book, as well as for a physical pamphlet I could give to anyone interested.

So, what do you photography experts think would be best: what I've got - or a better digital? Or an SLR digital? Or, the slide film camera, and buy a slide scanner to get to the digital format I need most of the time?

I just want to get set up to do this photgrahy work, once: to be able to take very high quality shots for web/internet use, as well as print hard copies at times.

Thanks for any help guys.

PS The photo is one I took last night with my digital, my setup and feeble knowledge - critiques please?

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