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Waaaaaayyyy OT...biodiesel

>I've been making my own biodiesel for a while, and am happy enough with the process and the result to keep making 30-50 gallons a week for my use and some extra for friends use in off road applications, but making 100+ gallons a week has given me a challange to solve and I figgered WC folks can come up with a solution.

The process to make biodiesel produces two waste by-products...methanol and glycerine. The methanol I re-use in making the next batch of biodiesel, and some of the glycerine SWMBO and I use to make home made soap to sell to the tourists, but it still leaves quite a bit of glycerine unused...you can only sell so much soap.

Does anyone have any ideas for using the excess glycerine rather than throwing it away? I've got my fuel costs for my truck down to 55 cents/gal, plus I can easily clear 75 cents a gallon on what I sell for bobcats and tractors around here, but using all the glycerine instead of throwing it away is even more money in the pocket.

Any ideas?


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