Turning Archive 2004

Proper Useage of Roughing Gouge

Tom Colligan, Peoria
>I'm still learning the correct useage of tools and lately I've been turning 5 inch diameter logs from the firewood pile. My lathe is the Jet 1442 and the lengths are about 12 to 15 inches.

1. Is it OK to rotate my 1 1/4 roughing gouge on it's side in order to make full useage of the tool's edge before going to the grinder to resharpen? Or, should the gouge always be meeting the wood at the bottom of the 'U' profile?

Also, am I doing any harm to the lathe by turning such rough firewood? That is, until a spindle begins to take shape it's a very violent operation. Will this take a toll on the bearings, etc? Tia, Tom

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