Turning Archive 2004

the booze drying method, part...??? (long)

Tony Costine
>Okay. So on my first attempt to dry bowls in denatured alcohol I dunked two, soaked for about 12 hours and dryed them an hour and wrapped them.
One split from rim to about halfway through the body.
The other has dried nicely, seems to be quite dry, and warped hardly at all. They were both cherry, and quite fresh. Soaking and drying was done in the shop, with overnight lows around 30, occasionlly getting up to 50 or so when I turned the heat on to work.
Emailed with Dave, he suggested I could bring them right in the house. So on the second attempt, I tried that. Wrapped them during the day Christmas Eve, brought them in that evening. When I checked them last night, two of them had check cracks--just as if I'd brought them straight in with no soaking. They'd also lost a good 4 ounces of water each, I'm not an expert, but it sure seems to me that 4 ounces of water loss in less than 24 hours is way too much. Unfortunately, there seems to be no real happy medium between cold as **** and the dry woodstove heated house.
Question: how do the rest of you store your bowls for drying after soaking in alcohol?
Perhaps should I simply wrap them entirely in the paper bag and bring them inside?

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