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Maple Salad bowl

Dominic Greco at home in Richboro, PA
>Hello Everyone,

Here are some pictures of a salad bowl I just dropped off to my neighbors. They're great friends of ours and I just wanted to show them how much we appreciated them.

This bowl was turned from some Norway Maple I got about 1 1/2 years ago. I roughed out the bowl almost as soon as I got the logs home and it had been "air" drying ever since then. I was sort of surprised at the figure this maple exhibited. It looked pretty plain when I roughed it out. Now I can't wait to get to the rest of the bowls I had roughed out from this wood!

The bowl measures approximately 11" in diameter x 7" deep. The base measures about 2 1/4" in dia. and the wall thickness is about 3/8".

I sanded the bowl to 600 grit and then burnished with a piece of brown paper bag. Since this is meant to be used as a salad bowl, I used Tried and True's Original Oil Finish (it's prime ingredients being mineral oil and bee's wax). After the finish was allowed to cure for 24 hours, I signed my name on the bottom and buffed the bowl.

I dropped the bowl off with my neighbor's grand daughter. So I didn't get the chance to see their face when they receive it. Hopefully, they'll be surprised when they discover it underneath the tree.

Thanks for viewing!

See ya around,

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