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I finally did it

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Well I finally did it. I have to tell somebody. I ordered a new powermatic 3520 lathe from Osolnik Machinery yesteday. It will be shipped to me on Jan 3 since I will be gone for the next few days. I had been lusting after it for a year, had the ok from my wife and everything but I guess I just felt guilty spending that much money on myself. I have been using a delta midi lathe for 3 years and thoroughly enjoy making bowls, pens, anything that is round. Three things pushed me over the edge, I counted and I have sold 22 bowls in the last month or so for christmas presents. Second my son and I got two pickup loads of walnut and ash logs last weekend and I can get a lot of real nice blanks out of them that are way too large for the midi. And finally I got $900 from a settlement on a class action lawsuit that was unexpected and all I had to do to get it was fill out a little paperwork and send it in.
Now I have to make some major moves in my shop to get room for all of this. It probably needs cleaning up anyway. I will have to make some mobile bases for a jointer and belt sander, etc.
And finally, most of this wouldnt be happening with out all of the knowledge I have picked up by reading all of the posts on this forum. I dont post a lot but do read it religiously. Thanks to everyone.
Looking forward to Christmas and the first week of January. Jared

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