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GLOAT and question

Eddie Severt, Bolt,WV
>I recently won an Enco 12 x 36 lathe on Ebay for $75.00 including a (bonus)large pedestal mounted grinder. The only specs I have so far are:
12 inch swing, 36" between centers, 3/4 HP 220 volts single phase, on a metal stand. The picture was vague, and I am awaiting delivery to check on the ultimate condition. It was supposed to be in good shape when removed from service. Do any of you have experience with Enco wood lathes? Also, the tool rest is missing. I have on hand some 1 x 1 steel tubing and 1" solid steel round stock. Would this be adequate to make a tool rest from? I have metal saws and welders, so the fabrication would be no problem. I am replacing a 50 year old Shopsmith 10er, so I hope this will be a step up. Thanks in advance,

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GLOAT and question
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