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Please Help!, Newbie Christmas project

Randy Todd in Dallas GA
>I hope some of you guys can talk me through a tiny project without hurting myself, and with acceptable results in one night!

I am finishing a small table for a Christmas gift and need to turn a single small drawer pull. The table is black walnut, and I have plenty of 4/4 stock and some offcuts glued up for 8/4 (all dry).

Can I simply screw a section of the 8/4 to a faceplate (I don't have a chuck), and begin shaping? Once completed, should I attempt to part the knob from the blank, or would I be better off going to the bandsaw? Other than avoiding the screws with my tools, what other pitfalls should I watch for?

Sorry for such a newbie post, but I have to start somewhere, and I don't have much time to learn the hard way right now. . .

I have sharpened the tools that came with the used Powermatic 45 lathe, but my total turning experience is a simple gauge for work. The drawer pull is much smaller work.

I have 3 gouges, a 3/4" scraper, a parting tool, a beading tool, and two skew chisels.

I have read some of the archive material and have printed and read through some introductory turning tutorials. I am aware of the injury potential, but am possibly not totally up to speed on how to minimize the risk.. I have eye protection and drop down shields mounted to the lathe (they are a pain to use).

Thanks in advance for help with such a desperate question.


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