Turning Archive 2004

Red Hat *PIC*

Tom Mullane
>My wife has a friend who belongs to a group called the Red Hat Society.. don't ask me about all I know is they like the color red..LOL...
She asked me to make something special for her for Christmas... here it is... Big Leaf Maple Burl Double Twist Euro Pen and a Perfume Applicator... dyed with Chestnut Spirit Dye then buffed with some 0000 steel wool to remove some of the dye from parts of the burl... the picture unfortunately does not do it justice... it looks like red marble...
Finish is Cellulose Sanding Sealer, followed by CA sanded to 12000MM and then Trade Secret for Wood and Renaissance Wax... glistens like glass...
SWMBO is very happy, so therefore I am allowed to be very happy.. LOL

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