Turning Archive 2004

New Hollow Vessel w/PIC

>Hello Everybody,

Well here is my latest hollow form. I turned this from a piece of Big Leaf Maple that came from a vendor on eBay.

It's approximately 14" tall (including the finial) and 5" diameter. The walnut finial is removable and the inside is finished as well. I'm not one for making finials, in fact mine are very crude. I thought I would probably end up making about half a dozen of them before I got one that suited me, but this was the first and only one. I see many things about it that I would change or would like to change let me put it that way. I would love to take a finial turning class! Who's teaching one?!

I finished it with two wipe on coats of Velvit Oil and then buffed it with the white diamond and carnauba wax wheels.

This one went to a very dear friend of mine for Christmas who has always been a huge inspiration to me and always convinces me to get in the shop even when I have those blah phases of not feeling very creative. Of all of the pieces that I have ever given as gifts, this one probably meant the most to me. It was priceless. I think they liked it :) I really felt the true meaning of Christmas when I gave this gift and it reminded me of why I love to turn wood into pretty things! I urge everyone to turn at least one thing this year and give it away! It feels GREAT!

I'd really like to hear what you think of this one so I'm going to tell you that I'd like to hear your comments and critiques. I'll put my thick skin on and be grateful for your responses.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Thanks for taking a peek.

Jennifer : )

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