Turning Archive 2004

Total Newbie here w/ some questions

Dan Lanicek
>My new Jet Mini Lathe is being delivered today! Never done any woodturning before. The only thing I've ever turned in my life is a corner. :) I have a grinder and will be picking up some chisels today! I checked out some books at the library to help figure out what I'm doing but I still have some questions:

1. What can I turn with this mini-lathe right out of the box with only a standard set of chisels? What's good to practice for a rank beginner? One day I'd like to make bowls, vases, cups, boxes, and pens if that's any help.

2. Where do I get turning blanks/stock? I live in Austin, TX. Anybody know any good sources in Central Texas?

3. Any other tips/advice?

I'm sure I'll have more questions once I actually get started but this is a good start. I'm excited!


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