Turning Archive 2004

Air Circulating Face Shields

>Hello Everyone,

I've decided to take the plunge and spend some of my show earnings on some sort of airfiltered/face shield. I currently have a dust collector with a hose that I position on an arm right at the work piece, and an overhead JDS Air filter. I always wear a face shield but rarely ever wear a dust mask because I've never found one that doesn't fog up my glasses. They drive me nuts. Tilting my head so the plastic shield touches my chest while sanding just isn't cutting it. I sometimes wake up with a headache after a night of turning and I know this can't be good for me. I notice it more now that the weather is colder and I keep the garage door shut.

I don't think I'd wear the units that come with the full helmet and belt pack. It just seems like it would be too cumbersome. I'm leaning towards the Trend Airshield. My main concern is that it would be too heavy after a while. I've searched the archives for info on this or any other self contained face shield/airfilters, and while there's one or two people who have posted about the Trend, I'm wondering if there's an in depth comparison anywhere that I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated on this or any other similar one....the Aircap might be an option...but I'm not that keen on it.

Thanks a bunch!


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