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Fred in NC
>This morning I woke up very early. Too early to go to my garage/shop, and too cold to work there anyway. Sitting in front of my computer reading some of the posts I recognized most of the poster's names. Most of you have been turning a long time, and produce beautiful work, while I am a raw beginner.

This made me realize a few things.

First, how much I have learned from this forum. Several daily doses of experience and wisdom from you people have taught me a lot. Yes, this is the written word with pictures, and will never substitute for personal instruction and practice. But there is a lot of information in this forum that will not be found elsehere.

Second, I have to admit that the regulars in this forum are very kind people that put up with a newbie who happens to post a lot. I am a tinkerer at heart, who sometimes comes up with very strange ideas that are better ignored. Yet I don't feel rejected here.

Third, having been in contact through this forum, I keep thinking of the day when I will be able to meet you. I really look forward to it. I would love to see your demos, and see your turnings, shake your hand. I sincerely hope this will be possible in 2005.

This holiday season I want to thank everyone here, starting with Ellis Walentine who has put so much effort in making this web site possible, and keeps working on it all the time. Also, all the people who help Ellis, who are not often mentioned, but whose contribution is much appreciated. And, many many thanks to you turners who share a wealth of knowledge so freely. Finally, thanks to everyone who posts questions, for they make me think, and the answers are part of the information in this site.

In short, THANKS ! May this season be very happy for everyone, and 2005 be a super year for you!

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