Turning Archive 2004

Your opinions and experiences please

Tom Mullane
>There is a discussion going on at the AAW site concerning CA glue finish and durability...
I suggested that someone use it on some peppermills for a high gloss finish.. and they love how it looks on cocobolo... so do I.. LOL
I have used CA on pen finishes and have yet to have a problem with durability... I carry mine in a denim shirt and my wife carries her's in her purse and neither pen shows any wear... both pens are over a year old and I figure that a demin shirt and a woman's purse are pretty destructive environments.. LOL... especially a woman's purse..
One person is saying he has CA finished pens returned in a month with the finish chipping off.. the other person is saying that the CA will deteriorate in 5-10 yrs...
I don't know about the long term (5-10yr) durability.. but I know none of my pens have ever been returned for the finish coming off or flaking....
I was wondering what those of you who use CA for a finish have seen... especially in the long run...

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