Turning Archive 2004

Virus Alert *LINK*

Fred Holder
>I've been being bombarded with e-mail messages that say they are returned mail and the complete message is in the attachment. I don't trust these sort of messages since they are coming in to my receiving mail address. Returned mail goes back to the sending address. In my case they are different. That is the first clue. Finally, I received one that was supposedly returned from Woodcraft and had a text message titled "Woodcraft News". Since this message followed the format of all of the couple of dozen I have received in the last couple of days, I decided to forward it back to Woodcraft. What do you know, my virus checker kicked in and said there was a virus in the message. I deleted the message and emptied my trash, but thought the warning should be passed on. I don't know if someone with my e-mail address in their address book has this virus or if this is some person with a sick mind targeting my e-mail address. Has anyone else had this problem?

Fred Holder

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