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The rules for posting messages on this forum

Russ Fairfield
>It is that time of the year. Our message traffic is increasing, and we have a lot of new folks coming in. The following is copied from the FAQ page that is linked immediately below "home" on the menu at the left side of this screen.

Q: What are the forum rules?

A: Historically, we have not had a lot of official rules at WoodCentral, yet our forum has always been very civil. We abide by the generally-accepted, largely-unspoken rules of respect, courtesy and common sense that guide all communities, real or virtual. When in doubt, treat others as you would have them treat you.

We do ask, though, that you refrain from discussing religion or politics, and we never allow:

Spam in any form.

Off-color posts, dirty jokes or swearing.
Please refrain from saying anything you wouldn't say in polite company or in front of your children.

"Flaming" or personal attacks on others.
Healthy debate and respectful disagreement are welcome; name-calling, bickering and back-biting are not.

Commercial postings and links.
If you are an individual with something to sell, feel free to post it on our classified board. If you're a business and would like to advertise on WoodCentral, please send an e-mail to ads@woodcentral.com or call toll-free 1-877-933-4637 during business hours.

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