Turning Archive 2004

Them's Fightin' Words (a little long)

Raymond Overman in SC
>At a recent local craft fair I was given the opportunity to set up a tent right outside the front door for nothing since the boothes at the show were filled. It was a last minute thing and I gathered my pens, a few bowls, platters, and vases and drove a total of five miles from the house to set up.

I didn't quite have enough large items to fill the empty spaces and offered my father the opportunity to sell a few of his pieces at my impromptu booth with the understanding that his pieces were his revenue and mine were mine.

One of the pieces dad provided was a small 6" diameter Cherry plate that had moderate figure but wasn't spectacular by any degree. A pillar candle in the middle of it would have been one of my best guesses for usage and it was priced accordingly.

After about 30 minutes of being set up, I had a question about this piece and how much. I told the guy the price my dad set and he bought it.

As he walked away, I heard the guy tell his buddy that it would be perfect for his cat as a food dish. My father wasn't impressed at the guys vision of pet fine dining when I reported back. Of course my comment was that he paid the asking price.

Of course this goes hand in hand with the comment of, "What do you use this for?" whilst pointing to a beautiful figured bowl that took 4 to 6 hours of your life to turn and as long to finish. I'm glad I don't do segmented turning with thousands of pieces and hundreds of hours. I'd have to spend my earnings on bail for aggravated assault charges.

Merry Christmas and here's to customers with vision .

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