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Tom Mullane's fault *PIC*

Tug Fork Bob
>Decided to try something different a while back and ran across some of Tom's pictures of corn cob pens. I thought they were pretty cool, so I ordered a mandrel & pen kits and went out & picked some dried-up cobs from standing corn plots the DNR put out 2 years ago. (The grain was all picked off, so I didn't steal from any deer or turkeys).

I had never turned any pens before, so the first few were not fit to sell. I did give one of them to SWMBO though & she took it to work (Hospital lab).
She came home with orders for 6 pens without even trying to sell them including 3 to a patient's visitor. The next day one of the doctors happened to see her "reject" pen and "had" to have it. She sold that one to him so now that had to be replaced too. Here's a picture of what has happened since--Pen quality and picture quality doesn't compare to Tom's, but so far people haven't seemed to mind

It's all your fault Tom----Thanks

Bob Achenbach

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Tom Mullane's fault *PIC*
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