Turning Archive 2004

Serious Lathe Company

Sam Dean
>I'm in the market for a new, large lathe. I think I've read every bit of information available for just about every lathe currently made. My main choices are the Oneway 2436, Powermatic 4224 and Serious Lathe 2536. The Oneway sems just a touch over rated, and I have to wonder abut the real build quality of the new Powermatics. The Serious lathe looks like a very heavy duty machine, weighing in at 1200 pounds with the largest spindle shaft of all but the VB (it uses the same headstock, spindle and drive as their dedicated 44 inch bowl turning lathe). 3 HP motor is standard, and it's a grand less than the Oneway. Problem is, I can't find much mre info about the lathe or company history, durability, etc... Is there anyone that owns one, or has used one before? Any input or personal opinons on the Oneway or big Powermatic would be appreciated as well.

I've been turning on an old Powermatic model 45 that I picked up 10 years ago for $300. It just isn't cuttin the mustard anymore, and it's time to move on.


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