Turning Archive 2004

Time for all alkies to come out of the closet.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I have a list of about 10 people who are using the alcohol bowl drying process with success. A short list of people who have had some problems. There are several dozen people who have said they were in the process of drying bowls or going to start. I am interested in knowing how many people are using the alcohol drying process and what results they are getting.

I have missed some posts on different forums where the process has been discussed. My time is limited but I do try to answer emails questions. There is a FAQ list in the works that probably won't be done until after the Holidays.

I would appreciate an email letting me know if you are trying the process and what level of success you are having. Please put alcohol in the subject line so they are easier to screen from the rest of the junk mail I get.

I appreciate all the words of support and, surprising to me, the many thank you notes I have received since publishing my article on alcohol drying of wooden bowls. In case you think I am profiting from promoting this process I have garnered less than $100 so far. I can't even figure out how to have a seminar of the subject. It is too simple to market. Maybe I could get on as a poster boy for the denatured alcohol producers.

Dave Smith

Christmas waits for no man, back to the shop in Longview, WA.

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